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Hello! I’m Emmanuelle Pereira, Design Architect and wellness enthusiast.

The recent years have been a journey of self-evolution, delving into the depths of my being to cultivate the best version of myself. I know I can be an instrument to the divine, allowing it to flow through me and unto this world. 

I discovered a love for translating wisdom into words, harmonious spaces & objects. I find joy in sharing the insight that comes to me, wether through writing or by transforming “place”.  

At times I feel like something is guiding my hands, leading to creations that surprise even me. It feels although my purpose lies in crafting wisdom, peace and harmony through the expression of beauty. 

Finding the perfect balance between feminine and masculine energies is something I practice in my day to day life as well as in my creations. Balancing curves and sharp edges, embracing the interplay between flow and structure, reflects in both my personal life and in my creative projects.  

Thank you for being here!

Emmanuelle Pereira
Emmanuelle Pereira

"Our brand's uniqueness lies in its distinctive approach to architecture and its commitment to certain core values"

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good feeling

human-centered design

Peace & tranquility, balance & harmony, inspiration, good feeling, exponential impact, human-centered design.

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