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Commercial Projects

Healthy Smiles Plantation

Healthy Smiles

This design was inspired by the serene ambiance of a spa, with interiors resembling the tranquility of nature. Upon entering, you are greeted with a curved focal wall that draws you into a feeling of innovation and elegance, transcending your expectations and setting new standards of sophistication within the realm of dog dental care.

Heathy Smiles Entry Lobby

Healthy Smiles Ft.Lauderdale

Healthy Smiles Front View Desk

As the second Healthy Smiles brick and mortar location we used the same design concept of the first, however we enhanced the design by introducing lime-wash walls and LED accent lighting along the curved walls, giving them a radiant appearance. I strive to infuse each design with innovative elements, ensuring they remain modern and dynamic.

Healthy Smiles Coral Gables

Healthy Smiles Front View

Previously a barber shop, the 600 sq ft space presented a challenge. We aimed to accommodate a program similar to the other locations. Successfully meeting this challenge, we elevated the design by creatively incorporating various arch elements that intertwined and created space saving nooks within one another.

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